About YNA

Your Nursing Agency (YNA) is a 100% Australian owned and operated company, focused on providing the best level of support to healthcare staff. The business is managed by an expert team with over 120 years experience working in Australia’s leading nursing agencies. Our business was founded to improve on the services offered by other agencies and provide nursing staff with a caring and personal approach.

We place Registered Nurses, Enrolled Nurses, specialist nurses such as Midwives, Personal Care Workers and Health Support Staff in metropolitan and rural healthcare settings. YNA is a panel supplier to the South Australian, Queensland and Victorian Governments and can provide work in sites across these states in all areas of nursing. At all times our objective is to support every aspect of healthcare staff’s careers and ensure a positive agency experience.

We established YNA to bring together a team of experienced agency managers who wanted to offer our nurses and clients a better level of service. We decided that we wanted our staff to be a part of this team and so developed our nurse bonus scheme allowing our staff to share in the company’s profits each year. Our aim is to be the agency of choice for both nurses and clients and we will achieve this by providing excellent service and support.

YNA offers Australia’s only nurse co-operative bonus scheme where all of our nursing staff have an opportunity to receive a profit share with the company. This profit share scheme allows staff that work with YNA throughout the year to be recognised for their contribution and to share in any profits. This co-operative approach is the first of its kind in Australia.

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YNA delivers more than
500,000 hours
of care each year.

The key features of how YNA operates are:

  • Providing highly skilled and experienced nursing, care and healthcare support staff with whom we communicate and train to understand client needs and have a clear understanding of their role while providing care;
  • Maintaining the strictest joining criteria and having clinically competent registered nurses manage the recruitment process to ensure only suitably qualified and experienced nurses are employed;
  • Driving a business that works to always provide more friendly service to our nurses and clients with an allocations team who understand your needs and who work in an environment where they are empowered to offer great service without compromise;
  • Having a commitment to quality improvement and maintaining an ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management System that is independently audited and certified by BSI;
  • Possessing a management team with a depth of experience who are available to assist and support your needs; and
  • Operating with a clear understanding across our business that our business success is driven by our ability to recruit and retain great healthcare staff and ensure our staff are matched to our client’s needs.